Radical Lunch

The Stop Shopping Choir holding Radical Lunch in Chase Bank

Make Everyday Actions 

What is Radical lunch? Radical lunch is a low barrier high reward intervention by a group of people united around the belief that saying NO to corporations is one path to liberation.  Radical Lunch is a practice, a laboratory, an investigation. We try new things. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join Radical Lunch?

Yes you can! Write to us and you will receive an email  with  meeting place and time. Please! These are non-violent direct action, please no drugs, no weapons, and be kind to the workers of Chase, many of whom have to work two jobs. 

Will I be arrested at Radical Lunch?

No one has ever been arrested at Radical Lunch. We are engaging in direct action but so far we have avoided arrest. It is always possible but the odds are very low. 

Can I start Radical Lunch where I live?

That would be great, best to work with a group of people you know and trust, keep it simple and do your research.

 Can we duplicate your actions?

All the work we do developing protest vocabularies and strategies is free and for the people, you are most welcome to  manipulate and change these forms as you wish. You can find CHANTS & SONGS HERE. 

I work on Fridays can I be involved another way?

We do actions on other days too, also we sometimes need help making things. just contact us. Thank you!