We oppose the mono-culture in the broadest terms: consumerism, militarism and capitalism’s attack on nature. We focus our energy on hyper local issues and global ones, and they often intersect.  We often work in coalition but we also approach things alone and very much on our own terms. We confront and contend with racism and economic inequality within our own community and organize with the understanding that both are at the heart of nearly every issue. We work for the Earth.


Stop Shopping

Earth Justice



Glyphosate  Maps

Radical Lunch

Community Activism


Stop killing Black People. Stop Systemic Racism. End the Carcereal State. Reparations Now. 


We confront the abuse of the Earth. We believe it must stop. We often travel to contested sites, pipelines, mountain top removal blast areas, proposed plants and power stations, sites of extreme pollution and  perform and protest in those spaces. We collaborate with many kinds of groups to mitigate the impact of corporations and overconsumption on the Earth, including its inhabitants, and especially those most affected by pollution and climate change, Black Indigenous People of Color. 


Radical Lunch is a weekly Climate Crisis intervention, usually in New York City. It is a high reward / low risk action in corporate space and you are invited to join. Contact radlunch@revbilly.com


We are opposed to the cruel and unusual immigration policies of all governments. We are deeply committed to freedom of movement,  the liberation of Migrants and Open Borders.   


 We have been working to ban glyphosate in NYC parks and public spaces. The bill INTRO 1524 is currently moving its way through New York City Council.


The East River Park is a 20 acre stretch of public space on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, as part of a flood mitigation plan the City of New York will level the park and build a concrete flood wall, killing more than 1000 mature trees in the process. 


The Church of Stop Shopping is a radical performance community, our most treasured and critical work is the work of our community. How do we communicate, how do we talk, how do we listen? How do we help each other? How do we help each other help others? How do we inspire each other and together become more radical, more resilient and more generous in the world.


Reverend Billy & The Stop Shopping Choir 2005

The Shopcalypse 2009

The Declaration of the Occupation 2011

The Earth Wants YOU!  2015

The Earth Wants YOU Radio Hour


50% discount code stopshopping




We perform in all kinds of situations. This is a selection of venues, residencies and significant events.

40 weeks of the First Amendment at  Ground Zero 2004

The Church of Stop Shopping at Burning Man 2003-2014

St Marks in the Bowery Residents 2003-2007

Theatre 80 Weekly Church Service 2010-2011

Rebel Content tour with Neil Young 2015

Fiery Eagles of Justice

Writing in Trump Tower

Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater residents 2015-2020

Radical Lunch

FESTIVALS (select)  Adelaide Fringe, Athens Festival, Spektakel, Donau, Sterischer Herbst, Edinburg Fringe, Forest Fringe, Truth is Concret, The Influencers, hotDocs, FIERCE, Latitude, Celebrate Brooklyn!, NYC Fringe, Live Ideas NY, Burning Man, Secret Garden Party, Sundance,  Bioneers, Silver Docs, Brooklyn Folk Festival, World Social Forum, Encuentro!

VENUES & INSTITUTIONS ( select) ICA London, ICP NYC,  Creative Time, Haus der Kulture Welt, St John of the Divine, RedCat, The Castro Theater, Cafe Voltaire , NYU, The New School, Harvard, Cal Arts, USF, UC Santa Cruz, UC San Diego, University of Michigan, Yale, Wheaton,  Conway Hall…..



Preacher With an Unknown God 2004

Short film by Rob Van Alkemades 

What Would Jesus Buy 2007

full length documentary by directed by Rob VanAlkemades, porduced by Morgan Spurlock and Savitri D

The Last Televangelist episodes and excerpts

30 minute episodes and excerpts 

Reverend Billy’s Freakstorms 

short video sermons

The Earth Wants You Radio & Podcast  ARCHIVE  

many episodes from 2016-2019

Reverend Billy Radio

current broadcast released on tuesday nights. Please Subscribe! 


First Amendment in Ground Zero

Union Square

Walmart out of New York

Stop Starbucks

Victoria’s Secret Catalog Campiagn

Robo Bees Stop Neo-Nicitinoids, Save the Honeybee!

Black Lives Matter ( ongoing)

Standing Rock

Stop Mountain Removal, Mountain in My Lobby

Monsanto is the Devil

Occupy Wall Street

Community Gardens


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Consumerism creates patterns of forgetfulness and remembrance, so that we remember things to buy and forget things not to buy. – Reverend Billy