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Why Give?

We are a small grassroots 501-C-3 organization based in New York City. We are nimble, responsive, flexible and we can move swiftly. We have a lot of experience and a proven track record. We have collaborated with hundreds of activists and organizations. We have won. We know how to fail. We are honest and direct. We are an amazingly diverse group, and bring a lot to the table. We know a lot of people and have a tremendous collection of props. We do something no one else does, or can do. We do not take money from corporations or accept sponsorships, we have turned down a lot of gigs because they are sponsored by fossil fuel and large corporations. We are award-winning experts. We are passionate. We are effective. We love the Earth and all its life, known and unknown.

Why Patreon? Why Monthly?

Patreon is a social community of its own, and some people really enjoy the atmostphere. You might like the conceptual framework, the feeling that you are nourishing and growing a garden- become a patron and see for youself.

Monthly support is VERY helpful, either at Patreon or right here on this site.  It allows us to plan and create projects with a basic understanding of your support. In any case, we are grateful and offer our thanks.

Board of Directors


Steve Mcmaster

Laurence Singer

Kristen Saloomey

Sara Lamm

Barbara Robin Lee

Al Smith

Sunder Ganglani

John Sims

Lyn Pentecost

Beatrix Ost


Frequently Asked Questions

Are my donations tax deductible?

The Church of Stop Shopping is the artistic body of The Immediate Life,  a 501-c-3, not for profit since 2004.  Please contact us if you would like to see our documents or 990 tax forms. 

I don’t have a lot of money but I want to help.

There are so many ways to help The Church of Stop Shopping, making things, showing up, putting up people when we travel, connecting us to friends and networks. You can teach us, train us, you can contribute your specialized skills and your non specialized skills. You can do research or computer work. There is so much to do!

On what do you spend donations?

We live and work in New York City and we are a largely volunteer organization. Less than a third of funds we raise goes to staff and administration. We work in the informal economy as much as we can, but we do have overheard expenses including rent and office costs, production expenses, materials, supplies, printing, media, local travel costs and emergency funds for the choir. We try as much as possible to put your donations to good use and always prioritize local businesses and sustainable solutions. Your money will never go further!

Do you take money from just anyone? Fossil Fuel Companies? Wal-Mart? Amazon? Mike Bloomberg?

No we do not.