Saints & Friends



Saints carry the water, do the work, inspire us, teach us. These are people who deserve recognition and gratitude and we love nothing more than to bring them up on stage and give them some hot light and a live mic. Here is Rachel Rivera from New York Community Coalition, she fought for the Rockaways after Hurricane Sandy. Thank you Rachel.  Here are just a few of the more than 100 saints beatified by The Chuch of Stop Shopping. Title photo of Picture The Homeless.


Reverend Billy & The Stop Shopping Choir is a collaborative social project and is the sum of the many contributions made by those who have worked in this circle. For the thousands of decisions that were made, THANK YOU.


Sidney Lanier

Spalding Gray

Andrew O’Hehir

Julie Talen

Derrick Mcginty 

Dee Dee Halleck

Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Martha Wilson

Basem Aly

Anthony Torn

Brendan Burke

Steve McMaster

Larry Harvey



Tony Torn, Director

William Henry, Music Director and Arranger

Benny Keys, Music Director and Composer

James Solomon Benn, Music Director

Rick Ulfik,  Arranger and Composer

William Moses, Music Director and Composer

Laura Newman, Singer, Composer and Filmmaker

Julio Herrera, Musician

Katrina Lewis, Music Director and Composer

Derrick McGinty, Musician



Basem Aly, Media Strategist

Michael O’Neil, Political Organizer

Matthew Roth, Media Strategist

Andy Blue Campaigner

Marnie Glickman, Media Strategist



Richard Sandler

Rob Van Alkamades

Jacquie Soohen, Rick Rowley & Big Noise Films

Dee Dee Halleck

Dietmar Post & Lucia Palacios

Tewodros Tamirat

Morgan Spurlock

Laura Newman


John Quilty

Brennan Cavanaugh

Fred Askew

Eric Brown

Erik McGregor

Savitri D



Anthony Roberts

Matthias Von Hartz

Melanie Joseph

Shanta Thake

Chris Zahn

St. Marks in the Bowery

Carol Wilder

Burning Man Organization


Wylie Stecklow

Laurence Singer

Terry Gross

Art Goldberg

Normal Siegel

Dave Rankin

Sam Cohen

National Lawyers Guild

Electronic Frontier Foundation




Melt Ice

Brooklyn Anti Gentrification Network

Retail Action Project

Reclaim Pride Coalition

Code Pink

New Sanctuary Coalition

Bernard Polumbo & El Taller Latino Americano

Orleans Prison Project

Father Frank & Iowa Catholic Workers

Tareke Ortiz

Resist CVE

Coalition to Save Chinatown

Picture the Homeless

The Zad

Hemispheric Institute

Defend Democracy in Brazil

More Gardens

The Black Institute

Sylvia Rivera Law Project


6th Street Community Center, NYC


Alnoor Ladha, The Rules

Angelo Fontana Shoe repair, East Village, NYC

Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens

Billboard Liberation Front

Billionaires for Bush

Bo Webb, Appalachian Community Health Emergency

Burners Without Borders

Catholic Workers Union

Charas/El Bohio Community Center, NYC

Children’s Magical Garden, NYC

Chris Hedges

Citizens for a Free Cotati, CA

Citizens to Save Carnegie Hall Studios, NYC

Claire Donahue

Coalition of Immokalee workers

Code Pink

David Graeber, Anthropologist and Author

Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn, NYC

Dick Zigun & Coney Island

Douglas Rushkoff

Earth GuardiansEarth FIrst

Equal Exchange

Esperanza Garden, NYC

Fridays For Future

Forest Ethics


Gays Against Guns

Global Exchange, CA

Global Grassroots Justice, USA

Groenfront, Holland

Guerilla Drive-In, Santa Cruz, CA

Imani Henry Equality for Flatbush

The INDYpendent

International Workers of The World

Iraq Veterans Against The War

Jack and Peter and Le Petit Versailles Community Garden

Jaunita Nelson, War tax Resistor

Jennifer Miller, Circus Amok

Jesusa Rodriquez

Joanna Muldhar, Landworkers Alliance

Judy Bonds

Karen Washington, New York City Garden Coalition

Larry Gibson, Keeper of the Mountains

Laura Flanders

League of War Resisters, NY, MA, VT

Lower East Side Girls Club

Mel Evans, Liberate Tate

Mike Roselle

More Gardens, NYC

Morgan Jenness

National Lawyers Guild

New Sanctuary Coalition

No Spray Coalition (NSC)

Nuclear Free Jubilee, VT

People’s Puppets, New York City

Picture The Homeless

Patricia Okomou

Poor Farmers Project, Ethiopia

Rachel Rivera NYCC

Radical Homosexual Agenda

Retail Action Project, NYC

Right Action Group, Trinidad & Tobago


Ronnie Cummins, Organic Consumers Association

Saru Jarayaman, Restaraunt Opportunity Center

Saving Iceland, Iceland

Severine Fleming, Greenhorns & Farmhack

Shop Drop, Belgium*

Street Vendors Project, NYC

Sunset Park Ice Watch

Tax Resistors, USA*


Tim De Christopher

Time’s Up!

Transportation Alternatives, NYC

Union Square Community Coalition, NYC

Unite 169, Green Grocers, NYC

We Charge Genocide, Chicago

We Save Trees, Freshwater, CA

Whole Earth Bakery, East Village, NYC

Working People’s Law Center, LA





Stop Shopping Choir pandemic zoom rehearsal
Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir peace with Iran action