Billy Talen


Billy is a poet and punk. He is a lover of birds and street talk. He spent many years on the west coast before moving to NYC. He also hitchhiked for almost an entire decade. He lives with his partner Savitri and his darling child Lena in Brooklyn-you can read more about him here.

Savitri D.


Savitri loves to sing, especially in a choir -  on the road she is usually an alto but in NYC she sings tenor. Savitri loves to perform and do actions. She is a commune child and major league tree hugger.  The main thing about Savitri is that she likes to be creative, and will find a way to do that most days. Her kid Lena is the light of her life! Read more here 

Katie Degentesh


Katie Degentesh is a poet whose first book, The Anger Scale, was selected for a 2009 American Poetry Society award and favorably compared to the Stooges by critic Stephen Burt in The Believer. She was raised in Maryland, went to school in the San Francisco Bay Area and has lived in NYC since 2000 and Harlem since 2007.

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