The Church of Stop Shopping is intent on creating a safe and vibrant environment, one that encourages creativity, courageous activism and community consciousness.

We consider each other’s feelings and comfort levels.

We treat each other with respect and do our best to understand each other’s differences.

We encourage interpersonal complexity, lets be involved in each other’s lives!

We help each other when we can, especially when people are sick or in pain.

We are honest, and our honesty is kind.

We are respectful of eachother’s time.

We regard eachother’s financial situations and possible hardship when planning group activities.

We can talk about difficult subjects because we trust eachother’s intentions.

We know that there are many skill levels in the community, and we help and encourage each other to excel.

We respect eachother’s failures and successes.

We make an effort to know each other.

We are glad to ask questions and glad to educate each other.

We recognize that Institutions do not treat all people fairly and in this regard we help and protect each other. When law enforcement is involved we are hyper conscious of the spectrum of our strengths, privilege(s), and vulnerabilities and organize our bodies accordingly.

The Church of Stop Shopping is inclusive. There is no place for violence, discrimination or cruelty within our community.

Should you experience a problem or conflict within the community, try to work it out. Talk it through with that person, see if you can resolve it or arrive at a working understanding. If you can’t work it out: Approach Savitri, Billy, Nehemiah or a member of the Choir Council and let them know you have a problem. If for any reason you are unable to do this, please ask a friend from within the community to help you. The Church of Stop Shopping aspires to a transformative or transitional model of Justice. The focus is on transformation and accountability. The needs of the Community will be considered as well as the needs of all parties.
No one will be asked to directly confront anyone else, but complaints will not be withheld, the accused has a right to hear all accusations. Conflicts will not be made public. Because we are friends, lovers, roommates etc. it is understood that we would turn to each other for support, should you find yourself in a support role please be mindful of the privacy of those involved. There is no single protocol, our problems and conflicts are as individual as we are.