The Church of Earthalujah Billionaires Costume Ball

Join us in your best top hats and pearls!
Sunday, May 15, 2011 - 7:30pm
The Church of Earthalujah Billionaires Costume Ball
We are undergoing an unprecedented shift of our society’s money to a small group of billionaires. We seem unable to slow our slide into modern feudalism. The latest shake-down of the middle class involves demonizing the idea of good government itself.

It is time to honor the activists who demanded welfare for the wealthy back when this was a scandalous phrase - The Billionaires. Numbering at its height in the thousands, with chapters across the country, Billionaires For Bush and now Billionaires For Wealthcare is activism at its most fun and effective. The Church of Earthalujah chooses to canonize the whole group, at a Billionaire’s Costume Ball at Theatre 80 this Sunday night.

The founder Andrew Boyd will attend, joining the most outlandish filthy rich of the Billionaires, accepting Sainthood in their big hats and pearls.


Theatre 80
80 St Marks Place
New York City, NY  

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