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Marzo 7, 2013   |   Geez Magazine
'This is a fossil-centric doorbuster sale!' shouted Reverend Billy Talen  
Marzo 1, 2013   |   OC Weekly
With prosperity gospel preachers running amok, activist Bill Talen, better known as Reverend Billy, has spread the good news of life after shopping. 
Marzo 1, 2013   |   The Guardian
Knitting an EDF logo might seem like an odd thing to do. But people are odd. Science policymakers should remember that 
Febrero 21, 2013   |   Reality Sandwich
The following is excerpted from The End of the World, published by OR Books.  
Febrero 20, 2013   |   Waging Non Violence
The end of the world just keeps on coming. 
Febrero 13, 2013   |   Daily Sundial
Activism and consumerism were the focus at a lecture by Rev. Billy Talen
Diciembre 18, 2012   |   TruthOut
Even for New York, this was WEIRD. 
Noviembre 29, 2012   |   San Francisco bay Guardian
In recent months, I've been exploring the rabbit hole of 2012 prophecy and possibility, a beguiling mixture of myth, spirituality, and hope that humans will finally awaken to the global ecological and economic catastrophes we're creating and make a fundamental shift in our approach, whether that's sparked by cosmic energies or our own earthly intention.
Noviembre 27, 2012   |   The Huffington Post
Reverend Billy Talen, founder of the Church of Stop Shopping was on HuffPost Live Monday to tell host Abby Huntsman his war stories of preaching on the front lines of a Black Friday Macy's.
Noviembre 25, 2012   |   CNN
Reverend Billy, founder of the Church of Stop Shopping, says rampant consumerism is destroying the environment.
Noviembre 23, 2012   |   MSNBC
Billy ‘Rev. Billy’ Talen protests American consumerism in a series of performances across the country.
Noviembre 21, 2012   |   The New York Times
From the first days of this blog in 2007, a focal point has been the word “enough.” How much is enough? Can we learn to reach for an apple when we crave a cookie? Can we make something instead of buying something? Which good life do you seek — the Vegas version or Plato’s?
Noviembre 20, 2012   |   TreeHugger
The Reverend Billy Talen, famed activist preacher and inexhaustible performance artist, is a noble and inscrutable man.
Julio 2, 2012   |   Waging Nonviolence
 Reverend Billy Talen and the Church fo Stop Shopping host a church revival at the unexpected Highline Ballroom
Junio 29, 2012   |   The L Magazine
The Reverend Billy and his wonderful rabble-rousing choir return to the Highline Ballroom this Sunday, to raise awareness about the Spectra Pipeline, a gas-delivery system with its sights on Manhattan. Go. Have fun, learn, dance out your anger... 
Junio 27, 2012   |   The Villager
 Church of Stop Shopping to Protest Pipeline
Junio 27, 2012   |   Chelsea Now
Frack Off! Says Rev Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Choir joined by local activists 
Agosto 5, 2011   |   RKA in LA
 A review of our Earthalujah performances in Chiapas, Mexico.
Julio 25, 2011   |   Waging Nonviolence
 The Tate Modern in London—the most-visited art gallery in the world—got a new addition to its collection last week..."
Julio 20, 2011   |   New Internationalist blog
New Internationalist's take on our exorcism of BP at Tate Mordern