February 2, 2011

We Are Fabulous Bad Weather

It was the end of our worship show. The new religion opened the door to the oldest beliefs, the pre-verbal ones, the repetition of breath, the beating of waves on the shore.

The audience accepted our invitation to stand up and join the choir on stage. We sang the “Earthaloo-Earthaloo-Earthaloo- YEAH!” The show ended by the singing flood of the congregation. Then we stood around, talking and laughing in small groups, while the tech crew began to break down the sound equipment. A couple singer circles continued their Earthaloos in their green robes.

Where does all this lead? In years past we would have paraded to a Starbucks or a Chase Bank. Sunday we rejoiced, but in a holding pattern. Maybe we don’t want to cash this in as a culture jamming gesture just yet. We crossed the first border – the one between the emoters and the emoted-to, and we got emotional together. We all stood on this landing together, holding onto the most basic possible belief.

We are honoring the very bad weather, this 1800 mile wide storm descending now on New York, and the typhoon named Yasi in Australia. And we pronounce the natural disasters to be statements from a Fabulous Unknown who will instruct us what to do, now that we are standing on this painted wood stage together in a state of readiness. We have a lot of fabulous bad weather in our bodies. The deeply coded agreements between living things on this planet – how evolution presents new life – may not protect homo sapiens anymore. If it does, we are grateful. We’ll try to learn what the Earth is up to and help…

The fires and mudslides, blizzards and extinctions, tsunamis and quakes – are sweeping toward the chosen people. We can’t live by that expansionist, violent god of nations anymore. That is our promise by sharing this stage. The wilderness pulsing out there – has big plans.