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Reverend Billy talks to Amy and Nermeen fresh from their trip to the Warsaw Climate Convention, where may so called Developing Nations walked out. 

Reverend Billy faces year in prison for JP Morgan Chase toad protest

An actor who uses comic theatre and music to persuade corporations to address climate change faces a year in prison after the largest bank in the US took offence.

In June, Billy Talen and eight members of the Church of Earthalujah choir walked into the lobby of a Manhattan branch of JP Morgan Chase in New York.

Dressed as central American golden toads, a species that has been made extinct as the result of climate change, they told the staff that they were about to perform "expressive politics".

Banks face invasion of golden toads in environmental protest

British bankers have been warned to expect an infestation of bright orange golden toads over the next 10 days.

The tiny creatures that used to live in the cloud forests of central America but were made extinct 25 years ago when the trees were felled, are likely to burst into their lobbies, start singing and may also approach staff bearing small trees and pictures of other endangered species.

Reverend Billy & The Stop Shopping Choir -Review from Battersea Arts Centre

If you want to draw attention to the fact that the earth is burning, worse things can happen than your show being interrupted by a fire alarm. In the event, Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping simply relocate outdoors, turning Lavender Hill into a mini-Occupy camp, albeit one with more choral singing.

Why Science Policy Should Take Popular Culture Seriously

I'm surrounded by badgers. I've never actually seen one live, though I'm told my university campus is riddled with them. Our student newspaper is called the Badger (I think he's called Ronald). I have several badger badges and a couple of badger toys friends have given me to laugh at my interest in the cull. I'm forever spotting brightly coloured badger-themed street art around my home in Brighton. I have piles of books on the things.

¡Earthalujah! El Reverendo Billy predica sobre San Juan Chamula

 Me asombre cuando vi que el Reverendo Billy había sido programado para presentar su espectáculo de “Earthalujah” (alaba la Tierra) como parte de la serie de Centro Hemisférico y FOMMA: “Diálogos Hemisféricos” en San Cristóbal de las Casas esta semana. Tuve que volver a mirar y decirme, El Reverendo Billy?

¡Earthalujah! Reverend Billy on San Juan Chamula

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I looked twice when I saw that Reverend Billy was scheduled to perform his “Earthalujah” show as part of the Centro Hemisférico and FOMMA’s series “Diálogos Hemisféricos” in San Cristóbal de las Casas this week. Then I looked again.

An Exorcism at Tate Modern

On July 5, 2011, I received word from Reverend Billy and & The Church of Earthalujah that he was taking his flock to London in order to “lay hands on the Tate Modern, and cast out the evil demon of BP’s oil sponsorship.” The good Reverend had been invited to the U.K. by activists groups Liberate Tate, UK Tar Sands Network, Rising Tide, Art Not Oil and Climate Rush, and he was scheduled to exorcise the Tate Modern on July 18th.

On July 16, BP announced yet another pipeline leak at its Lisburne oilfield on Alaska’s North Slope.

Rev Billy exorcises the dark soul of BP

 A couple of days ago, on Monday 18 July, 5.30pm on the dot, a man in a white suit, dog collar and spectacular hair falls to his knees in the Turbine Hall of the world’s most visited modern art gallery, London’s Tate Modern, and begins to testify. His voice echoes throughout the huge hall, climbing up to the stunned ears of hundreds of tourists and art lovers who pause on the walkways to look down to see what the hell is going on.
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